Sophie Wake

by Claire O'Hea

The mystical and profound view.

Conjuring up the sacred, Sophie Wake rekindles long lost sensations and memories. Deeply familiar, the images evoke what cannot be put into words and reconnects us to the wordless state of our primitive selves. Though Sophie’s paintings may appear initially as primitive and naïve, they embody a powerful force and depth. What it is to be mortal, our vulnerability whilst also deepening our understanding and connection to otherworldly phenomena.

There are no visible edges to where the paintings begin or end. A magical portal opens into a mystical realm as we come face to face with primal themes that encourage deep reflection, forced to look inwards we discover a world far larger than we ever imagined as we reconnect with the divine, our place in the world and what it is to be human.

A monochromatic colour palette and muted earth tones with occasional magenta and cobalt accents are used time and time again to great effect. Watching Sophie work one can really see what a fluid and intuitive process this is for her, there is no hesitancy, the paint and figures emerge as grounds are filled spontaneously.

Familiar, unknown places are magically rendered in paint.

Flocks of flying birds rising towards huge glittering moons, dogs and primates that gaze out at us with great empathy and knowing. The dove features prominently in Sophie’s work a symbol of the sacred feminine and peace. Sophie only includes what is pertinent in terms of detail and the work is deeply felt and emotionally expressive.

Naked female figures kneel, lie, crouch or are placed in pots ascending and descending - multiples of female forms. Figures dancing in moonlight under a starless sky. Archetypal images that reconnect us to our original sacred connection to place.

In times long past our relationship with the natural world was so integrally bound that we did not question our part or role within in it. Our reverence for the natural world ensured our survival and continuation and so we return to our present loss of connection and the importance of Sophie’s work today as she encourages this type of reflection.

And what once felt too tenuous and fragile, materialises as we experience a moment free from conflict and desire, by simply what is. Sophie’s paintings create a place where forgiveness and kindness take precedence over greed, power and dominance. Somehow, miraculously prompted by these images, the soul sets flight.

Threads as fine as gossamer reveal the energetic body, our internality that will finally lead us back to the Divine.